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International Projects

Consultant Review of New Hospitals in Bangkok, Thailand (2009 – 2011)

During the period from 2008 to 2011 Garry provided Health Facility Planning consultancy support to Vamed Healthcare International, working on a number of design projects in Asia, including Design Reviews of three major Hospital Projects in Bangkok.  These projects were primarily conducted to assist the individual Hospitals in their bid to obtain International Accreditation for their facility and were carried out prior to the completion of significant capital expansion of each facility. The projects included: 

  • Review of the new Ramathibodi 300 bed stand alone Hospital addition, In February 2009, Garry was commissioned to assist Vamed Healthcare Services (Thailand) Ltd. to develop a Feasibility Study/Masterplan and Design Review of Somdech Phra Debaratana Medical Centre (SDMC) for the Ramathibodi Foundation in Bangkok.  SDMC is a new 300 bedded tertiary hospital which commenced services on 26′” April 2010 on the site adjacent to the existing 2000 bed University Hospital.. At the time of engagement in 2009 the facility was already under construction. The hospital design dated back 5 to 7 years and it became evident that in many aspects it was out-date before the hospital would open. It was clear that a Hospital Master Plan/Medical Brief was not produced prior to committing to construction and the hospital design had been based on rudimentary assumptions with very little data supporting and validating these assumptions.  The objective of the Feasibility Study/Master Plan was to develop a long term approach for the:
    • Target size/capacity of the facility (number of beds — ICU, CCU, VIP etc. operating rooms, OPD treatment rooms, recovery beds etc.),
    • Future role of the hospital,
    • Patient load projections (OPD and IPD) and case load mix,
    • Clinical service portfolio/departments/centres of excellence,
    • Zoning of the hospital campus (e.g. IPD and clinial at the core, OPD at the periphery),
    • Development of site layouts.

The Master Plan was developed interactively in a series of workshops with senior hospital staff and finally approved by the planning team and the hospital director.  The objective of the Design Review was to assess the suitability of the current SDMC hospital design in terms of meeting the stakeholder’s requirements (staff, patients, faculty etc.) and International Healthcare Standards by identifying Functionality/Design and Engineering deficiencies/concerns (clinical and non-clinical) such as:

  • Poor design/functionality,
  • Poor engineering design e.g. air quality in operating theatres and critical care areas,
  • Space shortage/excesses,
  • Operational problems, e.g. work flow, storage and staffing,
  • Departmental locations and functional relationships between areas,
  • Provisions for future extensions/flexibility of design.

The review process included consultation with representatives of the hospital development planning team, departmental representatives, architects and engineering consultants and required an in depth analysis of the documentation provided. We inspected the site and obtained the latest drawings so that we were able to compare the design to determine areas of variance and to better understand what was being provided. The Final Design Report included critical and non-critical findings related to design and engineering deficiencies and set priorities based on a cost/benefit assessment. The Report elaborated design solutions and provided budgetary cost estimations in order for the Interior Design Team to proceed with planning and implementation works.

  • Review of the Queen Sirikit National Institute for Children’s Health (QSNICH) Development proposals for occupancy of a new building and the preparation of a High Level Master Plan for predicted growth of Services to meet increasing activity for the next 10 years to 2021. QSNICH is a 400 bedded specialist Paediatric Hospital in Bangkok. It is regarded as the ‘Centre of Excellence for Children’s Health’ in Thailand and as the hospital of last resort for children’s care. The Hospital embarked on a major upgrading and extension program to meet the needs of the Community for the next 10 years and beyond, resulting in the decision to build a new 21 storey multi­purpose building and redesign inpatient and outpatient areas of the existing Hospital, including relocation of the Catheterization Laboratory.   In February 2011 Vamed Healthcare Services (Thailand) Ltd. commissioned Garry Coff Consulting Services to assist in the development of a Feasibility Study/Masterplan for the Hospital looking forward over the next 10 years with a focus on:
    • Review the existing hospital operation and facilities,
    • Target size/capacity of the facility (number of beds — ICU, CCU, VIP etc. operating rooms, OPD treatment rooms, recovery beds etc.),
    • Determine the future needs of the hospital and determine the physical capacity of the buildings,
    • Zoning of the hospital campus (e.g. IPD and Clinical Units at the core, OPD  ay Procedures at the periphery),
    • Use of vacated areas in existing hospital,
    • Occupation of the new building.
  • The Master Plan was developed interactively in two workshops with senior hospital staff and finally approved by the planning team and the hospital director. In addition a design assessment of the existing facilities was conducted and a recommendation developed outlining potential for improvement to the design and work practices that would optimize work flows and day-to-day operation of the Hospital.


  • Review of the  new Siriraj Piyamaharajkarun Hospital 300 bed expansion of the existing University Hospital with a focus on attracting VIP clients and providing high quality care in conjunction with the adjacent 1500+ bed Mahidol University Public Hospital.

Referees: Prof. Apichat Sivayathorn
Healthcare Leader Development Association of Thailand
(HealDat Organisation)
Bangkok, Thailand
Tel. +66 087 0946248 

International Islamic University Malaysia (Medical Centre) Hospital, Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia. 

Garry Coff Consulting Services provided consulting Support in the Vamed Engineering (Malaysia) team bid for a new 300 bed Super Specialty Hospital near Kuantan. Garry prepared detailed accommodation schedules for all areas of the new facility which were required to incorporate potential for expansion to 1200 beds.
Initially the Hospital comprised 12 0perating Theatres for inpatient care and 6 Day Surgery Operating Rooms plus 6 Endoscopy Investigation Rooms.
The total floor area of the initial stage was scheduled at 104,000 square metres.  

Peoples Hospital of Pizhou, China.   

Garry Coff Consulting Services was contracted to VAMED Healthcare Ltd in Beijing, China to provide Health Facility Planning advice and support and has recently completed the preparation of Schedules of Accommodation and Concept Planning for a 1500 bed Public Hospital in the rural centre of Pizhou, South of Beijing. The new Hospital will be constructed on the site of an existing Medical Centre that includes Radiotherapy Services and some existing consulting services.   


The design included a First Stage of Construction comprising 600 beds with 16 Operating Theatres and support infrastructure.   

Referees: Miltos Denediotis
Head of Design & Engineering
Vamed Healthcare Services, Beijing, China
Tel. +86 139 1029 0357   

MCS Private Hospital, Ulan Bataar, Outer Mongolia.   

Garry Coff assisted VAMED Healthcare Services (China) Ltd in the preparation of Schedules of Accommodation and the Concept Design for a new 110 bed Private Hospital for the MCS Corporation in Ulan Bataar.   

The new Hospital will include accommodation for visiting specialists and full Surgical Capability to support a range of high level specialties including Cardio-Thoracic Surgery. Construction was expected to commence mid 2008 with completion planned for late 2009 but the project has been delayed awaiting the finalisation of funding and contract  arrangements.   

Referees: Miltos Denediotis
Head of Design & Engineering
Vamed Healthcare Services, Beijing, China
Tel. +86 139 1029 0357